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Game LuckUnluck: LUCKUNLUCK.Com

How to play:Click to button BONUS if this is the first time you play at our site.Make deposit $0.01 and our site will give you back $0.03 and $0.02 to account introduce you.Click to button SAME or button DIFF and make a spend from your account.After transaction completed, you have your NR.Our system will delay up to 10 seconds, send $0.01 back to your account.After transaction completed, we have our NR.We using your NR and our NR to decide the result of the game.Rules:You will win the game: If you bet SAME and your NR color is same to our NR color. If you bet DIFF and your NR color is different from our NR color.You will lost the game in all another case.Min bet $0.25, max bet $500. Spending out of range will return 100% of your spend based.Examples:You bet $1.00 for SAME: Your Liberty Reserve Batch is #82476212, your NR = 1 + 2 mod 10 = 3 Our Liberty Reserve Batch is #82476296, our NR = 9 + 6 mod 10 = 5. You will get paid $2 instantly.You bet $1.00 for DIFF: Your Liberty Reserve Batch is #82476224, your NR = 2 + 4 mod 10 = 6. Our Liberty Reserve Batch is #82476249, our NR = 4 + 9 mod 10 = 3. You will get paid $2 instantly.Referral:You can earn more by referring people to this game by URL: (Uxxxxxxx is your Liberty Reserve Account).

You must post your affiliate link on any online forum (VBB, phpBB, IPB, Discuz,…). Direct referral links may will not work.Refer your self or refer returning players will not receive commission.Our referral program will pay you 5% of any losing bet.Contact Us:Send email to contactluckunluck@gmail.comSimply include your Liberty Reserve Account and you Batch Number in support email.Do not attach images or urls.

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